1. Introduction

Thanks for visiting my book site!

My ideal book is short, comprehensive and interesting.

In order to learn Node, you need to learn how to write code - not how to use a 3rd party library or a set of spells. I will recommend a few libraries, but the focus is on writing code yourself.

Whenever I cover an API, I will do what I can to include examples and snippets that I have found useful myself. There are many parts that I would like to expand on, but I have to balance writing with a lot of other projects.

Update: Jan 2012

First of all, thank you for everyone who's read the book, commented, followed me on Github/Twitter or linked to the book site! You keep me motivated to write, so thank you.

The update includes:

I've started working on a follow up book, which will cover more advanced topics - such as testing, ES6 and some topics related to single page applications.

To make time for writing that book, I'm dropping the planned chapters on MVC. This topic has gotten some pretty good coverage elsewhere online; and I'd prefer to be working on more advanced topics next.

About me

Hi, I'm Mikito (mixu).

In short: my blog, my Node.js tiling window manager for X11 and my Github and Twitter, Linkedin.

Please leave comments and corrections using Disqus. I'll update the book, though I'm generally too busy to offer personal assistance.

This book is available for free, but what I've written remains mine. Ask me if you want to do something with it.

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